spa blog advertisingAs both CEO and  Founder of GETAWAY SPAS, (aka The Spa Lady) the creation of this, our spa healthy lifestyle blog SPAPARAZZI, was simply a natural evolution for us.

And as a respected Spa Industry Authority, our company’s #1 mission has always been to create a virtual spa oasis for spa-goers and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts alike, to freely share their experiences and learn the health benefits of living a natural, organic lifestyle in regards to popular topics such as wellness, travel, home, beauty, diet and fitness.

Follow the most popular trends in SPAS and healthy living just like the paparazzi, only we like to refer to it here by our own spa blog FANS as simply SPAPARAZZI!

Our popular spa blog is here to guide you with tips on living a spa healthy, green, organic natural lifestyle to help you achieve optimal health and wellness within your own life as well as advice and reviews on spa vacation getaways, destination spas, spa resorts, spa retreats, day spas, health spas, beauty treatments, spa and fitness products, eco-friendly products for the home, healthy diet and exercise, spa cuisine, including the latest spa industry news and spa events Worldwide.

Is your life constantly filled with an over-whelming amount of stress? Do you find it increasingly difficult to just relax, unwind, never taking a moment for yourself?

It’s time to take a TIME-OUT!

Even though many of us live and work in a very fast paced and stressful environment, there are simple healthy solutions that you can implement everyday, to bring yourself back to a place of tranquility, solace, self healing and renewal. We’ll be sharing those ideas in  future blog posts.

So take that much needed relaxation break and get SPA HAPPY!

Kick your shoes off, wrap yourself in a comfy bathrobe, sit back with a cup of herbal tea, cappuccino or  glass of organic wine. Enjoy interacting with our experienced spa industry professionals and many other spa enthusiasts from every walk of life and perhaps learn something NEW about yourself along the way.

Get ready to be ENLIGHTENED and receive a little pampering of Body, Mind and Soul.

Our trendy spa blog will also keep you up-to-date on the latest spa beauty secrets, spa cuisine recipes, spa destination travel reviews and other related articles that will easily provide the necessary steps to help you incorporate a spa healthy lifestyle into your own daily routine.

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Our sincere desire is that you can find and experience for yourself those enriching spa experiences to bring a sense of PEACE, CALM and BALANCE into your own life.

SPAPARAZZI is all about you and we always WELCOME your feedback. So share your own PASSION for a spa healthy lifestyle with the world….we’re here to take not and listen! 

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