Butt Bench a Smart Innovative Bath Seating and Storage Solution

A Butt Bench you might ask? What in the world is that?

When our Product Review Division here at Spaparazzi Spa Blog was first approached by the sole inventor of the Butt Bench® to do a review of their product, quite frankly we were asking that very same question too!

Yet in receiving both the cedar butt bench bench and white pine butt bench for review, we were most impressed and couldn’t help but think…why anyone hadn’t thought of this innovative seating and storage solution for the bathtub before now?
Pink Butt Bench

First let me say that the quality workmanship that goes into making the Butt Bench we found to be nothing short of amazing! Not to mention the enormous number of practical uses that perhaps most people wouldn’t even readily think about. But this bath product, for all intensive purposes raises the bar for practicality.

Installation on both bathtubs for the review was a breeze and could be performed without the need for much in the way of instructions as benches do come pre-assembled. Another BIG plus in our opinion.

We do recommend however taking the time to look over their detailed FAQ page prior to ordering, just in rare case one’s bathtub setup might present some limitations or prohibit the use of the Butt Bench altogether as is the case for one-piece fiberglass tub and wall units in addition to tubs with sliding glass doors. In the beginning, this was indeed one of the first tubs we tried it on and found it to be the case. However since it is clearly spelled out on their website regarding which bathtub applications it will or won’t fit we do NOT view this as a “design flaw” in any way that would reduce the overall high ratings we give this product in general.

15inch Cedar Butt Bench

While we loved both samples received we were particularly drawn to the elegant beauty of the natural Cedar Wood Butt Bench to create what they describe as a relaxing zen or spa-like feel in your bathroom which in turn worked to only enhance the home spa experience.

We were also impressed with the fact that all benches are sealed with a water-proof finish, which is most important when used in any bathroom environment setting.

Whether one uses it as a ledge to simply store bath product essentials such as shampoos, conditioners, bath gels, salt scrubs, loofas, etc or perhaps to sit on while enjoying a relaxing foot soak, make shaving easier, or turn one’s shower into a sauna, we know you are sure to find a multitude of practical applications for the Butt Bench all on your own.

View happy customer testimonials on VIDEO HERE.

All in all we are happy to give the Butt Bench a hands down 5 STAR review. This is one truly innovative product and we really can’t say enough.

Interested in purchasing your own Butt Bench®? View the entire Butt Bench product line as well as their many other solutions for bath HERE or call them at 732-253-0916, Monday to Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 12Noon – 5pm EST where they will be happy to address any questions or place your order readily by phone.


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  1. Why didn’t I come up with that idea.
    That’s really nice to use in the bathtub and the water-proof finish is perfect for the bath area.

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