Don’t miss the 2010 ISPA Conference & Expo November 15-18, 2010

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The place to be in the spa industry is this year’s 2010 ISPA Conference & Expo. Don’t miss this FABULOUS Premiere Event held November 15-18, 2010. Everyone knows the ISPA Conference & Expo is THE spa industry event of the year and quite frankly their 2010 event is going to be even more spectacular than …..Read Full Story

Best Spa Business Practices: Shining On When Things Go Wrong

Adrilla V Perdersen Business Trainer and Coach

In a Spa? Things going wrong? Never. Yet we all know what I’m talking about. Just because you cater to a discerning clientele and you train your staff on treatments as well as great customer service doesn’t mean things never go wrong. We cater to people’s high expectations. People are unique. Things can and do …..Read Full Story

ALPHASPHERE – SpaceShip for the Inner Journey


AlphaSphere´s Story of Creation …….. In the beginning there was the artistic vision: to create an instrument – a kind of a perception ritual – in which all senses get activated and interwoven in a new way. AlphaSphere came into being. People can disengage from everyday´s routine and plunge into aesthetic perceptions. In this process …..Read Full Story

Great Spa Customer Service: Role of the Spa Provider

Adrilla V Perdersen Business Trainer and Coach

My previous SPAPARAZZI article discussed customer service from the perspective of the spa patron, addressing what the spa patron could do to ensure receiving great customer service. This article (part 2) focuses on the role of the spa provider in that interaction. As a spa manager or service provider you deal with customer moments of …..Read Full Story

Getting to GREAT Spa Customer Service

Adrilla V Perdersen Business Trainer and Coach

Hello, SPAPARAZZI Blog readers. My name is Adrilia V. Pedersen and I’m happy and excited to be writing for you. Just like you, I am an avid spa patron. As a trainer, speaker and consultant I’m often focused on how to make things better for businesses and for customers. I plan to share my insights, …..Read Full Story