It Works Body Wraps help put the SKINNY back into your Jeans

Barbara Boser

It Works Distributer

It Works Body Wraps -
the low down on the product that got me
back in my skinny jeans.

I have to admit I am always skeptical about things that sound too good to be true. In most cases they are, but when a dear friend asks me to try something that worked for her I am usually game to try it at least once. In this case it really DOES and DID work.

Being a little thick in the middle typically has you looking for diets or pills or any other magical potion you can try that will slim you down without too much effort right? At least that’s how I was/am, so when my friend told me she could have me lose inches in an hour I was ready and willing. Still a little skeptical I agreed to try a wrap and see if anything happened.

The first hour resulted in a loss of an inch and a half. Not a lot to be noteable, but still a loss. I followed her directions to avoid salty foods and drink LOTS of water for the next 3 days and 3 days later I had lost 7 1/2 inches measuring my waist, belly button and lower ab. I am wearing jeans that I have not been able to button in over a year.

With results that drastic, I begin a new regimen to maintain it. I mean it’s not a miracle wrap, you still have to maintain it. I still use the body applicator once a week as well as some of the other products they offer, but the body applicator is my favorite.

Since these are not water loss wraps, the results can be permanent, but you still have to maintain it. The results take about 3 days to max out. Here is a SUMMARY of how you would use these body wraps with a couple videos also.

How can you try these now?

The best way to purchase is through the loyal customer program where you can buy 1 box of 4 for $49 for 3 months. You can find more information on that HERE.


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