A Premier Luxury Weight Loss Retreat & Fitness Bootcamp ~ The Ranch At Live Oak / Malibu

The Ranch At Live Oak / Malibu The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu is a wellness and intense fitness retreat in Malibu, California dedicated to attaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. The Ranch supports guests through outdoor physical activity, exercise sessions, and a structured nutritional diet of homegrown, fresh organic vegetarian fare. In one intensive week guests will gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, tone up and detoxify, and recalibrate in a healthy and sustainable way all while “getting off the grid” and back to nature.

hiking at The Ranch At Live Oak / Malibu With a “no-options” philosophy, the low-impact weeklong program includes 10 hours of exercise daily, with challenging physical activities that will prove fun and rewarding, and a dedicated staff to tend to every need. While at The Ranch, guests time will be spent in low impact, moderate activity, rather than short bursts of intense, injury-prone activity. Each morning, guests awaken at 5:30 a.m. for morning stretches, followed by a four- to five-hour group hike winding through the Santa Monica Mountain terrain. With 200-plus trails varying in levels of difficulty, guests never hike the same trail twice. After lunch, guests are welcome to nap before an active afternoon filled with water aerobics, core and ab work, weight training sessions, daily massage, and group yoga. Many of the activities allow guests to connect with nature’s healing elements, taking place outdoors, or within the property’s open-air pavilion.

The Ranch’s highly knowledgeable staff supports and nurtures its guests, while guiding them toward achieving the personal program goals they each desire, whether it’s weight loss or a mental break. The Ranch is all about stimulating mind and body through sustainable exercise which will enhance metabolism, cleanse and detoxify the body, allow for a healthy loss of fat, and offer a heightened sense of mental clarity and serenity. Guests desiring to lose weight, routinely shed unwanted pounds during the program while visibly losing inches, emanating a vibrant, healthy glow, and getting a dramatic head start on maintaining a path of healthy living.

fitness workouts at The Ranch At Live Oak / Malibu A strict 1,500-caloric daily diet consists of gourmet farm-to-table fare with French and American influences. Flavorful and healthy cuisine emphasizes fresh, organic ingredients designed to sustain and detoxify. No alcohol, caffeine, or processed sugars are served, and special diets and food allergies can be accommodated with advance notice.

Meals at The Ranch are a communal experience. Weather permitting, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served outdoors in the Malibu countryside, for guests to take advantage of the stunning surroundings. A communal dining area is also available in-doors. Inside the open-air kitchen, Chef Kurt Steeber welcomes guests to observe cooking preparations or participate in cooking classes, with the intent on teaching guests how to make nutritious meals at home.

A six-night and seven day stay at The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu includes all meals; daily hikes; fitness classes; daily massage (Mon-Fri); cooking and nutrition classes. $6500 is the rate, including taxes. The Ranch accommodates up to 15, ensuring personalized attention. A 30-day itinerary of exercise, diet, and wellness tasks are recommended by The Ranch prior to guests’ arrival.

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A Premier Luxury Weight Loss Retreat & Fitness Boot Camp in Southern California

Malibu, CA 90265

RESERVATIONS Ph. 310-457-8700

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