Spa-goers Enjoy Lavish Pampering at Balensi’s Institute Skin Care and Spa

Voted for Best Facial by Spa Week in 2007, Balensi not only offers award-winning facials, but also an unbeatable selection of other spa treatments.

One of the most unique aspects of Balensi is its devotion to repairing the damage of aged skin due to sun, stress, and environmental effects. The professionally trained technicians help peel away years of damage caused to your skin to reveal fresher, younger, and clearer skin.

Balensi’s Institute Skin Care and Spa also offers a unique range of masks that vary to produce a wide variety of desired skin results. The Nova Mask is a reaffirming and moisturizing treatment for aged skin. The mask hardens from the outside in to create a soothing pressure that enhances your tired, aged skin to reveal smoother, firmer skin.

Peels are also another popular process offered by Balensi that peels away wrinkled, blemished, and damaged skin. However, the spa makes this classic procedure their own by offering extremely unique peels, on top of the traditional spa peels. Balensi uniquely offers delicious treatments as the pumpkin peels to rejuvenate dull skin, apple wine peels to firm and tone aged skin, and tomato peels that clears acne-prone skin. The results? Softer, smoother, and younger looking skin.

Vichy Showers are a unique treatment offered by Balensi that are only offered at the most prestigious spas. The treatment consists of many shower heads that gently rain upon your body, resulting in a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Whatever you seek, Balensi offers its own unique spin on the traditional spa services that are sure to sooth your mind, body, and soul in San Diego’s cool South Bay.

For more information visit or call today for an appointment (619) 476-0706.


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