Staying Positive in Life Amidst all its Ups and Downs

Staying Positive in Life

I know it’s a constant struggle. Who are we kidding? We’ve ALL been there. For some people just hearing about the ups and downs in our economy is enough to have them wanting to throw in the towel. For others it could be an ongoing health issue or perhaps a strained relationship with a spouse, family member or a friend. Other times we might feel completely overwhelmed by a project at work or dissatisfaction with a job that seems to be going absolutely nowhere.

And YES while it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with what we “perceive” to be all the DOOM and GLOOM there is still plenty to focus on in this world of ours which is still good.

Sometimes just taking the focus off of ourselves for awhile is the best thing we can do to get us out of a rut. When things become more about what WE can give and do for others in need……life can have a renewed sense of meaning.

OK, but maybe you’re one of those individuals who gives and gives and gives and just feel like ya need a little appreciation here? And of course when it doesn’t feel like we are getting ANY….the wheels of depression start spinning once again. So in this regard the solution might be a bit different for you.

Let me first say that BEING POSITIVE requires a change of mindset in the midst of difficulties and trials and how we relate to the world and people in general. This is not always an easy task but the EFFORT is far worth the end result. Just like negativity can become a learned behavior so also can the thought process of becoming more positive.

While I am not an M.D. nor do I play one on TV lol ….I would highly recommend people who struggle with staying positive in life amidst all of its up and downs, to perhaps keep a written journal as an outlet for their feelings. In this way it might be easier to see a pattern as to the triggers presented in their everyday life leading up to any negativity. After all, until one knows firsthand what is causing those feelings to once again surface, it would be a little hard to take the steps necessary to put yourself back on the right track.

Lastly when I personally feel a bit of negativity getting in the way (and let’s be perfectly honest, EVERYONE struggles with this at one time or another), I like to consider what I have been blessed with from GOD even if it means writing it down on a piece of paper. I think most would find we are blessed with far more than we could ever find to be unhappy about. For example: I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in tonight, there’s food in my pantry, I have a job, a loving husband, 3 sisters, 1 brother, a daugther and 3 grandchildren with one more on the way. Is my life perfect? Not in any way. But being humble and grateful for what we have in the midst of ANY storm will get us alot further than focusing on what isn’t picture perfect in our lives.

The old adage “Stop and smell the roses” is still applicable today. Remember the simple things in life are still FREE! Lynn Anderson’s songI Beg Your Pardon…I never promised you a Rose Garden” might very well hold true but that doesn’t mean life is not still worth living.

Sometimes just putting things in a bit of PERSPECTIVE is all that it takes!

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  1. AJ@Citra Spa says:

    I agree with staying positive in life because when you possess that mind set everything will fall into place. Relax and have fun always guys! Spread the good vibes!

  2. Most of the time when we’re clouded with negative thoughts and everything else seem to not go our way, we feel so alone and helpless. In times like these, it’s always best to take time to pray and find comfort in God’s love. We may not see Him but believe that He’s always with us.

  3. Trying to remain positive when experiencing the stress of life is very important to remain mentally and physically healthy. It is a good idea to reflect on the aspects of your life that make you happy from time to time. Retaining an optimistic outlook on life can be difficult but it is linked to a lot of health benefits. Thanks for your words of wisdom!

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