A Premier Luxury Weight Loss Retreat & Fitness Bootcamp ~ The Ranch At Live Oak / Malibu

The Ranch At Live Oak / Malibu

The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu is a wellness and intense fitness retreat in Malibu, California dedicated to attaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. The Ranch supports guests through outdoor physical activity, exercise sessions, and a structured nutritional diet of homegrown, fresh organic vegetarian fare. In one intensive week guests will gain physical endurance, …..Read Full Story

Protecting your Health through the Cold and Flu Season

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As we are now enter into the fall season I start to think about how to better protect myself through the notorious cold and flu season before it actually gets ME! Just the on-going stresses of everday life will many times deplete the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us feeling in tip top shape. …..Read Full Story

Making Dannon Activia Yogurt part of your Healthy Lifestyle – Part 3

Why should you make DANNON Activia Yogurt part of YOUR healthy lifestyle? Outside of the fact it tastes delicious, a leading health benefit of eating yogurt itself, rests within the live acidophilus cultures contained wherein which do their best not only in keeping your digestive tract in tip-top shape but also by providing a wonderful …..Read Full Story

Count Me Healthy Jewelry Makes it Easier to Stay Healthy

Need a little help in your struggle to stay healthy on a daily basis? Doing such just got easier! Recently we had the opportunity to review a most innovative healthy lifestyle tool for helping you keep track of your progress in making better choices in regards to your own health. The Count Me Healthy bracelet …..Read Full Story